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Branding. How do you do it?

Branding is a topic that has been around as long as marketing itself has been around and you always hear people mentioning it in day-to-day conversations and you would assume that everybody knows exactly what that is, but we believe that Branding is one of the most misunderstood concepts of Marketing and even thought a lot of people mention it, it doesn’t really mean that they know what it stands for exactly and sometimes even Marketing Agencies.

What we wanted to do for some time, was take the time and put together an article that explains the meaning of Branding and how you do it, kind of like a step-by-step process and giving examples of our work so maybe the reader would understand better what we are talking about.

Talking about topics like this, it’s a little difficult because what we really try to do although some people may find it peculiar, is having a conversation with you rather than give you a page from our playbook, we believe that writing and article is not really supposed to be about what we know and sharing it with you, we like to use these articles to focus on a specific topic and help us realize new things in the process by helping us think deeply about the topic.

What is Branding?

Well, to put it in simple words, Branding is everything that the viewer can identify it with your Business. We all know about the logo or animation or symbol of a well-known brand and we immediately say ah “that brand” because “that brand” did a good job branding its brand because the whole idea is to make it easy to recognize the Business.

Branding is a process that takes time, it takes energy, creativity, good communication skills, good negotiation skills, good knowledge of the market and on top of that, good ideas!

Where should you start?

Whenever we are trying to Brand a Business the first thing that we do is getting to know the Business and who’s behind it. By getting to know the Business we mean understanding what the Business stand for. What gave birth to the idea of opening this Business? What is its mission, vision, values? It is questions like these that can get you the answers you need to start drawing the outline of what this Business Branding will be. Getting to know the man behind it why? Because there might be a story there, that you can tell people by using it, there might be two or three hidden factors that you can incorporate in the process of Branding that are going to reflect in the eyes of the customers.

How do you start putting everything into action?

Not every Branding process is the same and to be honest that is the best part of this job, because you always face new challenges. There may be Businesses that are going to ask you to re-brand them by changing things completely or keeping some things but fixing others or there might be Businesses that are going to ask you for their first ever branding and you have to build everything from scratch like the name, the slogan, the Logo, the Website, Social Media Presence, Packaging and everything else that comes with it.


Let’s play these scenarios side by side, let’s start off with Re-branding


When a Business knocks on our door and asks us to re-brand the first thing we do is we ask the people in charge what they want to change and what they want to keep. We will give you an example, Mercedes Benz has different models for their car and as the years go by, they change the way they look for example if you go to visit one of their shops, you have a C-class of 2015 and a C-class of 2021 there is a major difference between them but if you see the difference between a 2020 model and a 2021 model you do not notice much difference. That is the same idea with Businesses that are looking to re-brand what they want depends on the people in charge, they might want to change just some small details, like for example the Logo, the Slogan and their Website just like Family Dental did with us and maybe there are other ones who want to change more than 50% of their Brand.

Branding from scratch and Re-branding from Scratch


Whenever we are in front of new challenge like Branding from scratch, what we start with first is the Name of the Business (in case they haven’t figured it out yet, or they need our help finding it). When we were working with Inluminent Foundation we couldn’t find a name for it and after hours of conversations with the people in charge, getting to know their mission and their goals we had a pretty good idea what this Foundation stands for. It is a non-profit organization that invests in people with exciting Business ideas with high potential to create more opportunities for the people in need, in services and also employment opportunities. What they wanted to do is help people that were not as fortunate or privileged as others, so in some sense we thought of it as bringing light to the darker parts of the world. At that moment we already had two keywords “bring” and “light” we thought about different combinations between them and names that symbolize them and we thought maybe this is not the way to go about this maybe English is not the right language for it and to be honest for some reason we tried latin and the name Inluminent came out. It is name packed with information and it makes you feel some type of way when you say it out loud, that is the whole idea of finding a name.


The next step is the slogan, which is something that is going to be used for a long time in a Business whether profit or nonprofit you have big companies that have used the same slogan for a lot of years and they haven’t changed it like LG, Life’s Good, what you should look for is doing the same thing with the Businesses that you are Branding.

For Dada, we took into consideration what they took most pride in their Business, their service, their food and their unique products so we had to focus on what you have in front of you, the plate, so we came up with “The secret is in the plate” and for Inluminent we did the same thing we focused on what they took most pride in and that was bringing change, so we came up with “The change we need”.


At the same time that these processes were taking place we were designing their Logo and a well-designed Logo should be able to tell a story it is divided in parts that help us build a visual representation of Business, just like a wall that is built brick by brick.

For Dada we focused on their services so we thought of having a circle that resembled a plate and then we thought of putting a fork inside and also a glass of wine but we did not want to make a mess so we did a merge between them and we also wanted to emphasize on the fact that it was not a simple restaurant but a luxurious one so we added a crown on top of it as well which as you know symbolizes privilege and luxury and the whole color of the logo is gold, which makes it even more unique. Gold is the color of the sun, Gold in itself is a kind of metal which does not mix with other metals which shows its uniqueness and symbolizes Dada.

For Inluminent we focused on the name and mission primarily, the Light Bringing and Helping People so we put the sun rise in between two hands.

During this process we used specific fonts for both of these Brands, which a lot of people tend to think it is trivial but it’s really not, Branding is about finding a rhythm and using it on your banners, digital print, website, social media, everywhere. 


The Website is one of the most important steps of Branding, every Business should have it, it is the visual representation of your Business depending on the Business that you are working with, the Website type should follow. If it’s a Business that requires only an informatory Website, you do a simple one 5-6 pages of contact and services and galleries representing this Business the best way possible, if it’s a Business who want to buy and sell products and services online you build an E-commerce Platform,

Find our full written article on types of Websites right here!

-Social Media

We have talked about the importance of Social Media before and what benefits it can bring to Businesses, it gives you a chance to connect with your audience on a personal note. What we suggest for Businesses is to try and create a personality to use on their posting, the way they talk to their customers something that they can be recognized for. Also, what is really important is the usage of the same colors, fonts and slogan that we have suggested when creating them, because that is going to be their identity and people can recognize them from them. And we suggest using them everywhere in their highlights, posting, videos wherever they can incorporate them so everything connect beautifully and the customer or potential customer can tell the difference right away if they see a commercial, or sponsored campaign that it is from your Brand. 


To conclude

After having figured out all these details about a Business all you need to do is keeping the same rhythm and try to incorporate new and fun ideas to get closer to the audience, generate new leads and reach the goals that the Business is aiming for.

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