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How to develop a Multichannel Marketing Strategy for 2021

2021 is here and everybody is looking to make the most of it, considering what a difficult year 2020 has been for all of us, but it also taught us some good lessons life and marketing wise. Every Business wants to be fully equipped with a winning strategy for 2021, but how do you do it? What is the best Multichannel Marketing Strategy for 2021?


Creating a Multichannel Marketing Strategy puts your Business in a position where it could be seen by a lot of people during different periods of time, being present in a lot of marketing channels increases the chances of your Business, getting its message across to a larger number of people, where it’s Social, Website, Blogs, Youtube, Emails, Ads what’s important is, for you Business to show up where people who are likely to be their potential customers are present and spend a good amount of time during their day.

The user’s experience when interacting with your brand should be special and it should have the same feel whether they are on your social media, website, reading you emails or they are even present in your store, that way their experience is consistent and will help you better establish your Business Reputation.


Everybody wants a winning formula but how do you do it? What do you need for it? It is true, that it does require some time and effort put into it but believe us when we say, it is all worth it in the end.

We are going to lay out some tips that we believe are going to help you develop the right Multichannel Marketing Strategy for your Business.

Stand out from the crowd

We are not trying to hit you with a cliché line, you should really focus on standing out from the crowd, Businesses today communicate to their Customers with their Brand, it’s that well-designed Logo that we can easily recognize, the packaging, the colors, the fonts, a signature animation, something that we can immediately tell it belongs to a certain Brand and the Customer in his mind has an occupied space for it and of course an opinion entitled to it.

Nobody wants to work with “Just another brand” that offers the same things as other brands, Customers want to be heard, they want to feel special, they want the products that they buy to feel special, they are willing to invest to stand out for the crowd too.

That is why trying to create an Online Presence that is going to be attractive to your customers, dynamic and most importantly creative is very important to your Business.

Some of you may wander, but how?

Well, first of all you will have to make sure to have a well-designed Branding concept for your Business, you are going to create and distribute content across multiple platforms that is going to be in line with your Branding and that is going to help you spread you message across different platforms (multiple channels). 

Whether you are trying to sell, promote, inform, share knowledge or experience, as long as you do it in an original and creative way people are going to listen to the story that you are going to tell.

Making the customer your number one priority

There have been big discussions over the years about what differentiates Brands from one another and of course that is a topic which we can discuss for days and a lot of people are going to have different types of views on it and there is no such thing as a right or wrong opinion, we get it.

But there is one factor that we believe we can all agree on, the customer. What makes the biggest difference between a Business and another Business operating in similar domains, is the customer.

That is why we encourage our clients that the best way to go about this, is focusing on the customer. A lot of Businesses have spent a lot of time, money and other resources trying to differentiate their products from the competition and it’s true that has a good effect but differentiating your clientele is what’s going to bring in the most profit for your Business.

Let’s bring you an example so you can better relate to it, we are all familiar with Lamborghini a luxury car making Brand, well established reputation and marketing over the years. They do not run TV commercials and they were asked why, the answer they gave was: “Because our customers don’t sit around watching TV”, I mean they are kind of right in order to afford a Lambo you will not have a lot of time watching TV, but the point we are trying to say is, Lamborghini is aware that their cars are expensive, they don’t go around and try to lower the prices or produce budget cars, they just choose to reach the right people using the right ways. They differentiate from other Brands, by investing in people.

Automate your Marketing

We have had conversations over the years with a lot of clients and potential clients when we have laid down our multichannel strategy, they all had the same concern, time. In order for your Business to have daily content, created, posted, managed, email campaigns, blog posts, website updates it is not easy to do for a lot of people, that is where Marketing Automation comes in, if you haven’t been using it, you’re missing out!

Time is very important and sometimes not even 10-11 hours a day are not enough for you to complete every task for your Business, that is where working with a Marketing Agency to help you Automate your Marketing Tasks comes in handy. Your customers will get a personalized experience from start to finish, you will have more time on your hands and most importantly you will be more efficient, have a bigger impact on your audience and get the job done in less time.

Use the data that you collect to your advantage

We all know by now that running Ads, Email Campaigns, Social Media, Websites, Blogs they all have one thing in common, Data. They are going to give you a lot of information regarding your visitors in their own way of course, what you should do is leverage that data to your advantage to improve the outcome of your marketing.

Using data to improve marketing is a very efficient way to make changes to your Online Presence and not only. “The numbers don’t lie”, that is absolutely true, numbers give us an idea if a campaign that you are running is going in the right direction or not, if the email that you are sending to your potential customers is good enough, if the Ad that you are running through Social is delivering the right message or not.

Use the data to give your Customers a more personalized experience, how?

Let’s give you an example of how this works,

Let’s say that you are a Fitness products wholesaler and you have a well-designed e-commerce website which you sell your products from and what you want to do is increase sales. What you actually do is give your visitors a pop-up which is titled “What exercise is the best for my body type” and you can give them the chance to download an e-book or a pre-prepared material from you, but in order to do that they have to insert their mail. Now, if they do that, you now have a lot of opportunities at hand, you have emails, which automatically means that you can generate leads.

Now you have a group of people that have shown interest in any way in what you have to offer and could become your customers. On top of that each and everyone of them is going to have a personalized experience based on the action that they are taking, which based on our data they find very interesting.

That is an example of using data to your advantage.

Human connections

With the whole “Social Distancing” and working from home people haven’t really had the chance to have as many social interactions and create connections as they could at least before Covid-19 and that really effected the numbers of human connections that people have.

We do not believe that we need to state the importance of human connections, it has been proved during the years and while we know that the digital word has many benefits, they can not compare to the physical feel of things, just like apples and oranges, you can’t really compare.

In our Social Media campaigns, we always encourage Business Owners to get personal, to give life to their Online Presence, to connect more with their audience and show the human side of their Business, so for 2021 after a very long year we left behind our advice to you is create human connections.  

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