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How should Marketing be during the month of December?

December is a festive month everybody is getting ready for Christmas and New Year is just around the corner and it can always be a challenge for Business owners. We are leaving a very strange year behind us (to say the least) which seems to have had more than the normal 12 months in it, felt more like 64 and as we get ready for some fun, family time and delicious food, we can all be a little pressed by the lack of time or resources and it can get a little overwhelming. In this particular article we would want to talk about some marketing promotions and strategies which you can apply to your Business in order to get the most out of December and hopefully save you some time, I know everybody could use some.

Organize a Giveaway

Since December puts all of us in a giving mood what could be better than to give away something that your audience wants? Organizing a festive Giveaway, will generate a lot of interest from your current followers and also potential ones. It will help you reach more people and most importantly you make your audience happier and you show that you have the Christmas Spirit.

Since December is about spending quality time with your family maybe you can giveaway a service or product bundle for a family and ask you followers to tag their family members in order to win the giveaway. One lucky comment can make a family happier.


Everybody loves discounts and coupons, they have been around forever and whether we like it or not, we tend to spend a lot of our time and money on choosing presents for family and friends, what if your Business may provide the perfect gift for them? Giving people an incentive to buy your products or services is good for Business, this way you encourage them into choosing you Business.

You know, the typical buy one and get one for free, or a percentage discount on what they buy can go a long way into helping your Business sound more convincing.

Show appreciation to your clients for the journey they took with you

At the end of the year especially a long one like 2020, typically all the members of a Business get together to have a dinner at a restaurant or they organize a trip, a get together, whatever they decide, to celebrate a whole year of working together. Sharing parts of that experience with your audience and giving them a thank you message shows appreciation and the people who see this picture or video will know that you appreciate that they were part of this journey with you.

You might even get a little more creative and put together a video which shows the whole journey of the year, to better understand it, let’s assume that you have a dental clinic and you have treated patients all year long, you put together a “Smile Gallery” titled “2020 Smiles” where you show the work you have done and most importantly your patients. Or maybe you are in the Real Estate Business, you put together a video showing all the properties you were able to sell or loan. It depends on your Business, but putting together a video with a strong message is always a good idea.


Everybody likes gifts on the Holiday season especially giftcards, you can create some giftcards by giving some instore funds for people to visit your Business during the holiday season and use them to buy products or services for themselves or their family or friends, that can encourage them to try your products and services and also buy more from you.

Holiday Cards (Emails)

Creating an Email campaign where you contact your customers, wishing them a happy holiday season can go a long way into building a better relationship with them, adding a promotion like a 20% discount as a thank you note for being a long-time customer of your Business can really improve your sales campaign as well.

Show your Business Holiday Decorations

Show your customers the true colors of your working environment, show them more of what happens behind the scenes, how the place is decorated, how your workers are feeling during the holiday season, the Christmas Trees and the cakes and cookies they gift each other. Everyone is in a festive mood and by you setting the tone and showing more to your customers maybe it can improve theirs.

Get personal

Social Media is about making the Business more human, giving it a voice and connecting with your followers on a more personal level, showing them your personal holiday experience is a good idea. Your travel plans, vacations, children playing in the snow, dinner time with your family or maybe showing your audience your favorite dishes or cooking recipe and wishing everybody a Merry Christmas can do wanders for you when it comes to connecting with your audience.

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