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What is Marketing Automation? Why should every Business use it!

The hardest customer that you are going to get is your first customer and the second hardest is going to be the second one.

Every Business knows that before selling their Products or Services, some processes have to take place. Usually the customer will have to know about the existence of your Brand, they have to realize the need that they have for a product or service, they would have to be convinced that you are the most reliable source they can get it from and in the end, buy the product. In order to make this process happen there are a few tasks to be completed.

The usage of software to automate these processes is called “Marketing Automation”. Tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, marketing campaigns, you do not have to press a send or post button Marketing Automation allows you to complete these processes faster and it gives your customers a more personalized experience.

How does it work?

Marketing Automation, done right, will give you a more in-depth analysis or every customer, what they like what they don’t like, giving you the opportunity to know more about them and every contact that you are going to make is more tailored for each and every one of them using these tools. Generating leads and saving time that you can use to grow your Business in other ways.

Every potential customer that visits your Website, your Social Medias, click on your Campaigns, or every other channel where you Business is present it generates data, the software picks up this data and gives you a lot of information regarding each individual. Using that information that Marketing Automation gives it allows you to create content and marketing campaigns that are going to have the most impact on Potential Customers.

What are some of the benefits that Marketing Automation offers?

Time Management – Having a software that is going to Automate a lot of marketing processes, meaning that you do not have to send every single email, track down every customer movement or engagement, message each individual, will free you up some very significant time that you can use to complete other complex tasks that your Business needs.


Tracking Customer Engagement – You can’t make a post or a marketing campaign and hope for the best, you have to focus on the data that that particular post or campaign is going to give you and understand how the people that saw it are reacting to it. That way you can improve on the content that you publish and attract more attention and get more engagements going forward.

 Convert Leads – What marketing automation is going to give you are qualified leads, for those who do not know a Lead is somebody who in any way has shown interest to what you are offering. By giving you detailed data on the potential customers, the leads that are going to be created as a result of Marketing Automation, are going to be easier to convert.

Why should Businesses use it?

What every Business is looking for is generating customers, to increase their sales in an organic way, spending the less money they can spend on making that happen. There are a lot of Businesses who think that buying an email list will solve their problems and yeah sure sometimes it does for a month or two but it is not a healthy long-term fix. What Marketing Automation will provide your Business with is an opportunity to install a system that is going to define the Marketing of your Business for a long time and it is going to give you real results in return. Giving each and every one of your Customers or Potential Customers a personalized experience is what you should be after.


In order to understand how Marketing Automation works we are going to give you an example.

Let’s assume that you are selling a Skin Care product, you have already a well-designed Website and you also have put the product on Social Media where a lot of people can see and be aware that this product exists, but unfortunately more than 96% of the visitors will not be ready to buy your products immediately.

So, now you need to generate leads in order to know which people to target and sell to, how do you do that?

Leads generation, can be achieved by doing something like giving your visitors a free article which they can read like “What types of food can improve your skin”, in order to read that they have to put their email address. So, that means that now you have a few email addresses, that’s a good start point. One day later the software automatically sends another email who might be titled “How to understand how sensitive is our skin?”, then maybe two to three days later you invite them to your Webinar where they can learn more about it and then they are ready to become your customers so you hit them with a direct link to your Skin Product which they would buy. Of course, the number of people is going to be narrowed down, but you selling your product it’s what’s important.


 So, that is it? Well no, with Marketing Automation you can do much more than that you can Upsell and Cross sell products and turn your potential buyer to a lifetime customer.



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