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Lead generation: What is it? How can you do it


Have you ever received a phone call during an inappropriate time of some strange person trying to sell you a fridge or a mattress? That is a prime example of someone not using leads generation in a very productive way because that will annoy a potential customer who might actually be interested in what you are offering but the timing is not right and that will result in the person being annoyed and not very engaging in the conversation.

How can you make this work? Well, in order to answer that question, you should understand what Leads generation is.

What is Leads Generation?

You can find many explanations of what leads generation is but to put it in simple words, the process of finding people who might be interested in your products or services and turning them to potential customers is what leads generation is.

You should contact people who show interest in products or services that you offer, after they communicate in any way with your Business by maybe completing a survey, subscribing, or leaving personal information on an offer you have published rather than calling or contacting a lot of people who may not be interested in what you are offering at all.

For example, let’s say you own a business which offers Fitness Products and you make a post about “How to keep your body in shape doing home workouts” and while reading the post a pop up comes up and asks them to subscribe by leaving their email or maybe it is a survey asking them a few questions about their experience in fitness, that they have to complete in order to continue reading the post and some hours later or some days later they receive an email from you company offering your products to them. That will be more convenient rather than emailing or calling them out of nowhere. Also, it is better for you to have more information on what you potential customers are looking for because that way the conversation that is going to take place will be more engaging and you can address their concerns better.

Leads are going to help you make the transition from a potential customer to a customer easier. Leads can be generated using emails, blog posts, social media posts, website contents, what is really important is a landing page where the interested people will visit and learn more about your Business and what you have to offer, your Website is often the place to direct the traffic to, there they can find all the information for your Business and explore it.

Why is Leads important for your Business?

Using Leads will make the transition of someone who is a visitor and has shown interest in your product or services into a customer way smoother. This process begins with your Marketing effort on one of the Marketing Channels that you are using to get their attention, to them clicking a call-to-action button and being redirected on a landing page or a buying page depending on the strategy that you are using, the visitors are presented to you offer, let’s say for example you say that buying this product online will get you 10% off or you can say that subscribing to the page will give you 15% off, to them ordering the product or service and completing the transaction and buying your product or service.

There are many different strategies that you can use to generate Leads, but that which is more important is giving the visitors some free information that is valuable to them and that they would want to know more about and that is going to make them use the call-to-action button and share some personal information or their email in order for you to generate Leads.

Ways to generate Leads

Emails – Emails have been around for a long time, they work best if the people you are contacting know about your brand but it can also with those who do not know about the existence of your Business, a well put together email, coming from a credible source with an attachment that serves as the presentation to your Business will do wanders if you are looking to build brand awareness, if you are looking to sell a specific product or service a nicely designed email which has the focus on the product or service and also includes a Call-to-Action button in the end, will do the trick for you.


Blog – What makes a Blog post very special is the fact that you can create a Blog Post and you can use it for the sole purpose of promoting a product or service that your Business offers. You create the Blog Post in a way that is going attract people’s attention and that they are going to engage with it by wanting to know more, this way you can use the traffic generated by the Blog post to direct it to you Landing Page and generating a Lead.


Payed Promotions and Ads – Pay per clicks have been around for a long time, it is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic and also to complete sales directly. What you do in a Payed Promotion is you put together a well-designed poster and show the people the product or service that you are offering, if they click on the Ad you take them straight to the Landing Page where you have made the offer, it is really simple and there is only one rule “You give the people what you show them in the Ad”.


Social Media – Social Media Channels are very important for Brand Awareness and spreading the message, given the fact that that is where your potential customers spend a lot of time. The content that you post on Social Media and what gets people interested in your Business is basically what you do and offer. If there are a lot of people following you that means that they are interested in what you have to offer. If your audience engages with you content that means that you are doing a good job by posting quality content that is making people react and if your Audience is active and interested in what you are posting then you can start by publishing offers and generate Leads.


Giveaways – Giveaways have become a very useful marketing tool and everybody loves a good and fair contest where they can participate by following a couple of rules and give themselves a chance of winning something for free. The way it works is the Business is the host of the Giveaway, they give a product or set of products for free and the contesters have to enter the contest by making sure they follow the Business on Social Media, share the post or like it and commenting by tagging 3 other friends who also have to follow the Business. At the end a winner is randomly selected who is going to get the rewards. This process makes sure that the people engage with the post, generate followers and most importantly you see how people react to what you are offering and that way you create an idea on what they want and like.


Mouth to Mouth Marketing – This is as old as time itself, if you are selling a good product that somebody likes, that person will let other people know, his friends, family, relatives and that will increase your number of sales. If you are providing a service that is going to helpful to a lot of people, they might even give you a shout out on Social Media that will increase the number of your visitors and make you more popular. The more people you impress with what you offer the more people are going to be interested in your Products or Services.

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