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Marketing Funnels what are they? Why are they important?

There are a set of actions that take place before a customer buys a product or a service that you are selling, this process is called a Marketing Funnel. It starts with Awareness about your brand, products and the services that you offer, the Need of the Customer to have that product or service, to convincing that that Product or Service is what they need at that moment, to the buying decision.

Marketing Funnels have been around us for a long time, you are using them in your Business, you are buying through them even if you do not know you are, to make this really easy to understand let’s take a real life example : You walk in a retail store that sells clothes and someone who works there ask for a minute of your time to ask if you would want to open an account on their Website, using just your email and  a password of your choosing in order for you to get 10% off your order. That is a Marketing Funnel at it’s finest.

Another example would be the process that every E-commerce in the world uses, you navigate on their Website, you see something you like or maybe you are redirected there because you see a sale of 40% off, you choose the product, you put it in a cart, you enter your bank account information and your address and you complete the transaction.

Sale funnels

There are a lot of funnels that you can use to convert your visitors into customers, nowadays everything is digital and a lot of Businesses want to make a Website that is really easy for their customers to find interest in what you are selling and make a buying decision. These types of Websites are called “What you see is what you get” Websites and no that does not mean that the product is going to sell itself, no product is going to sell itself not these days, so you have to come up with some ideas and you have to incorporate sale funnels into your website.

So, let’s say that you want to sell a product that is going to make people lose weight and for the sake of this post let’s call it the N Product.

What you need to do is create an eye-catching front page with a very obvious title like “Are you tired of gyms and strict diets, but you still want to get your body in shape? N Product will help you do that” and you also put an image of a well-designed poster of your product and maybe a woman that is fit on the first page. What you can also do for the people who are sceptic of your product or they are not convinced to immediately click and buy the product, you put up another poster downlow and that says “Do you want to know what types of food are keeping you from loosing weight?”, what you do there is you share some knowledge with you visitors, but most importantly if you get people to click it means that they are engaging with your content and your website, they click on it, another window pops up and ask them to leave their email in order to read the information, so you get a contact of their which you can use later on to send them an email for your product or future sales and then they get to read the article, in the end you suggest them to buy the products, if they do it’s a win, if they don’t you still have made them aware of your brand and you can send them an email afterwards and maybe try to convince them to buy your products in the future.


If you want to make profit you will have to invest big on your customers, you are never going to succeed if you do not invest in order to get more people to look at your products, it’s about not taking your foot of the gas, it’s about persuading your customers to get to know more about your Business, Products and Services, it’s about you finding ways to be more than just one-dimensional, if you are selling a product and that is going well for you and you are making profit, you might want to add up other services or products to it and try to upsell. So let’s get back to the product of loosing weight example, if people are buying your product and you are making some profit off of it, try and add other pieces to the puzzle, like maybe a book on loosing weight, a diet, a workout program that they can do while they consume the product that you are selling or maybe you can add cups, or workout products to compliment your product and make it easier for them to use. You might say but doing that will take more money of out your pocket and that is true but take this into consideration, let’s say your product will cost 20$ and you are selling let’s say 5 of them each day that’s 100$ while having an ad running on Social Media, or Google that is costing you 40$ per day and you are making 60$ profit. But you want to sell more per day, let’s say you set a goal of 10 customers, that would mean that you will have to spend 80$ on Ads and that will leave you with 120$ worth of profit on the N product, but if you put additional products that compliment it that is where your profits will go way higher than 60$ you were making before.

To conclude

Marketing is about being in the moment, it’s about finding the right solution to complex problems, it’s about finding the right formula for the right equation, that is why Marketing Funnels have been successful and that is why every Business is using them. You may have great ideas on a Product or Service that you are providing and you know it can be successful, but you are not making money off of it, because you are not selling it the right way. Customers like the idea of Businesses caring about them, that is why they love Sales, that is why they like Coupons that is why they love Loyalty cards, they know that they are part of your journey and they are being appreciated for them, so making you customers feel comfortable when they interact with your Business is not a bad idea.

Be straightforward, we have all experienced a bad designed Marketing Strategy or a Website where it is really hard to find what you are looking for, most Customers lose patience and they just leave without completing the transaction even thought they might want the products, what you need is a dynamic website, well-put together, easy to navigate that is going to get right to the point, if a customer wants to buy a product he will have to be just a click away.

Pay attention to the numbers

Marketing Funnels are going to work for you but it you can’t always say “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” sometimes we have to renovate and stop using a funnel and find another that is going to provide a bigger outcome, what you should do is pay really close attention to the conversion rate and the engagement rate, depending on the funnel you are using, but you know what they say “numbers don’t lie”

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