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What is Video Marketing, why is it important?

Video is really popular these days, platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Tik Tok are some really good examples of how much people like videos and the time they spend on these platforms, we wonder why is that? Well, first of all it is easy to digest what you have in front of you it gives people a break from the textual information they have to deal with on a daily basis and they seem to enjoy it more. If we asked 100 people if they would like to read the book or see a movie, how many people would want to read? Our guess? Less than the ones choosing to watch a movie!



Why videos?

People should understand the power of the video as a marketing tool, it is very versatile, it can be used for different purposes from promoting your Business, your products or services, to creating a bond with your customers, to inspiring the viewers. You will deliver visual content that is going to have an impact on your viewers in order for them to engage with the video and therefore engage with your Business. The best thing about it is, you do not have to be a professional video producer to make a video that is going to generate interest, all you have to keep in mind is that you will have to provide your viewers something that they can engage with, that could be entertaining for them and fun to watch, also worth their while, all it takes is a little bit of thought and creativity. The other thing that makes Video Marketing a great marketing tool is how easy it is to share these videos on different channels, almost every social platform from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn supports videos and you can share your message on each an every one of them making it easier to reach the people that you target.

Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Videos are a great way to help customers understand the benefit of your products or services

With the emergence of e-commerce and people buying online almost everything that they need, there are going to be more and more Businesses that offer similar products or services to you and by selling online they are all of access to your potential customers, what do you have to do to be the one they buy from? Well, something that you can do is give the people something in a video format that is going to make them change their mind and understand why they have to choose you instead of your competition. Customers are always looking for the best products under the lowest of prices and because there is a very large market out there, they have a lot choice, what differentiates you from the other Businesses? Value, that is the approach that you need to have when you market your products.

2. They help with Search Engine Optimization

Videos are considered to be a gold mine for SEO, one way or another a video is going to find its way into your eyes and if it is good people will engage with it by liking, commenting or sharing and because it is really easy for a video to travel from a channel to another, if you have done a good job by putting backlinks in the description and keywords and tags, that is going to drive more people into your Business profile, or website or Youtube channel or even other videos you have put out there and increase the chances that potential customers “step” on your products or services.

3. You give the people what they want to see

If your competition is using Video Marketing, you should too. Videos are a great way to share your message it is remarkable how a short video can transmit a lot of information onto a viewer, that is why Businesses are using them more and more every day. Customers like videos and your potential customers like videos too, they are always open to watch something that is going to be informative and entertaining as well.

4. Make your Business more Human

Social Media will get you closer to your Customers, if you embrace a certain personality and you invite your Customers to connect more with you, it will definitely help you get more personal with them.

You can use videos to show the true colors of your Business, you can give your audience updates on the work processes, work environment, you can share your staff with them and also you can share moments from your life as well, maybe that will inspire your viewers to do something similar or it can show them, that doing something you like will get your through life or a tough time.

How do you do that? By stories, by reels, by video posting, now almost every platform supports stories short videos up to 14-15 seconds, that can pack a lot of information in them and make your audience engage with it.

5. Influence buying decisions

Customers are more likely to buy a product after watching its presentation video. Prime example, videogames or gaming consoles, or even mobile phones, their presentation video, is what drives customers to buy the product, it is informative, it is vivid, people like it, they relate to it, they picture themselves having it and they will buy it. People are more likely to watch a video explain the features of a product then read their description. So, if you would like an increase on sales, you go for video marketing.

To conclude

Videos are one of the most eye-catching content forms in the world, if we just take a moment and look at the timeline of social medias, first it was Facebook then everybody started using Instagram because its content was all about pictures, one photo is worth a thousand words, well what about a video? Platforms like Vines and Tik Tok came around, everybody was on them and the reason why is because they are easier to digest, people like them more they can spend hours watching videos on Youtube or serios on Netflix, it is easier for them to follow and on top of that they are entertained more. It looks like people can show more than what it is when they make a video, it’s more human and maybe the fact that we can see people right in front of our eyes and we can detect their body language is what get’s people going the most.

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