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Should I invest in a Mobile App?

With almost every Business being Digital now and competing with other Businesses in the same domain, they are trying to be multi-channel, that means distributing their content on two or more Digital channels. A well-established Online Presence will provide contact with potential customers and increase the chances of your Business ranking higher in the dominance hierarchy.

Today we count more mobile users than desktop users, Businesses have realized the need to go mobile, they are customizing their Websites to be fully responsive for every device to improve the customer experience and they are also investing in mobile apps.  They understand that they have to use mobile channels to attract new customers.

With the development of new Mobiles phones, we are now able to complete every daily task we need by just using our mobile devices. Almost every adult owns a smartphone and it’s a growing market. That is why Businesses are turning their attention on mobile technology. Mobile apps are highly effective tools that Businesses have been using for years now. Having a Mobile app from a Business downloaded on your phone, in terms of Business is perfect because its purpose is to market and sell your product or services. It is a tool that will help your customers remember the need to use the app and therefore your services, because it is always there, on their phone, not to mention the fact that apps give you the option to send notifications to your customers as you wish.

If you are reading this Blog and you are wandering what investing in a Mobile app will do for your Business, we are going to share some important benefits that Mobile apps will provide for your Business.

  1. Your Business gets more Exposure

Sometimes we do not pay a lot of attention to our daily routine, most of the things that cover like 80% of our we day we tend to think them as trivial but they are not, they are of high importance, just like the fact that almost every time we catch a break from work or an activity that we are occupying ourselves with the first thing we do is unlock our smartphone and we go online, or we browse social media. Now, why do we do that? We don’t really know, we can’t really seem to find why things that interest us do, but in this case, unlocking our smartphone is what we do and we have to pay attention to these actions and use them to our advantage. So, if someone is going to finish a workout and the first things that person does is look at their smartphone, why shouldn’t your restaurant app be there in case he is thinking of ordering food after the workout?

You have increased visibility, your app gets more exposure therefore, your Business as well.

  1. Brand awareness

Brand awareness is the space that your Business occupies on a Consumers mind. Every Business would like to be the first thing that comes to mind when a Customer wants to buy products or services that they offer. With a mobile app, you not only offer exciting features that makes their purchasing decision easier, but you also keep them engaged, with notifications, different offers etc. You want your audience to engaged, this way you will get the most out of them.

  1. Customer Loyalty

One of the advantages that mobile apps provide for your Business is that they cultivate Customer Loyalty. Communicating your Brand message to them, news, notifications, deals, new products or services is more convenient and easier than it is through Social Media Campaigns, Billboards or Emails. They are immediately notified and informed on the matter, also it makes them feel part of your Business Development.

A very good example on how Businesses can use apps to cultivate Customer Loyalty is implementing a system which gives back to their customers depending on the in-app purchases that they make they get rewarded with points or in-app currency that they can use the points or currency to have discounts or even purchase products with them. This is a method that a lot of Businesses have been using and it shows that the longer you stay with this Brand and the more you choose to buy products or services from it, you are going to get rewarded for the Customer Loyalty you have shown.

  1. Mobile apps are dedicated marketing and communication channels

Building a personal mobile app is going to take your Digital Business to another level, you can build relationships with your audience, better comfort their needs and most importantly connect with them more by making your services or products more useful to your audience.

Having an engaged audience with which you can communicate on a consistent level will work wonders for your Business. Have you ever planned a vacation and you were looking for a place to stay on an app like Booking or Airbnb? And all of a sudden you get a notification saying that a particular apartment near the area that you were searching for before is available? That will make you click on that notification right away and if everything is to your liking you can even book it and complete the transaction.

Apps are a new marketing channel that is very useful nowadays and Business are looking to be multi-channel as we mentioned in the beginning of this article

  1. Increase sales

Business are always looking to add marketing channels to their disposal and investing in an app will give you a channel that is going to have a great impact on your sales. Depending on your audience, the increase on sales can be a very significant one for your Business.

Having a mobile app will build a bridge for communication with you customers, you can inform them in a matter of minutes for your promotions, deals, discounts or rewards by simply using notifications, you can influence their purchase decisions, you can make them visit your app, you can even motivate other people sitting next to them to download your app or purchase your products or services.

  1. Optimize Business processes

Investing in a Mobile app will make life easier for the customer and also the owners and staff. It can used to complete a lot of Business tasks and you staff members can work and communicate better even remotely.

It also gives more accessibility to the customers because of the ability to make mobile payments, they save time finding what they want and getting it. Time is a valuable asset for everybody, and no one wants to spend it while shopping, because they can buy it sitting down on their sofa with only a smartphone on their hands.

  1. Analytics

Analytics are a very important part of what Mobile apps can bring to the table, they give you in depth details of how the people who have downloaded the app react to the content you have inside, they give the amount of time they spend, the number of times they open the app, locations, what they like and what they don’t like, you can use them to improve you app as you go.

  1. Competitive edge

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article, every Business is going Digital nowadays and with that in mind, they try to be as multi-channeled as they can to differentiate themselves from the competition. If a Business who has a well-established Online Presence and a specific tailor made audience for them, investing in an app, the sky is the limit for that Business as more and more people are going to download their app and by using it, their numbers would increase and their Digital Business will get to the next level.

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