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Does my Business need Professional Photography for Social Media?

Social Media has become a huge part of every Business activity, almost every Business advertises their content on Social Media, it is the place where customers and potential customers spend significant hours of their day and there is a big chance that they will land on one of your posts and see what your Business offers. Now if every Business is going to be present on Social Media, including your competitors, how can you differentiate yourself from them and attract more customers?

Most Businesses, outsource their Social Media Management to Digital Marketing Agencies like us, we make sure that they land on the right path from day one and create the personality that they want their Business to have and on top of that we make sure that the right message is transmitted to their audience. As part of the package we offer the services of our professional photography crew to offer something even more unique to their audience, this way they get can an even more real feel of what the business has to offer.

We are going to stop on some reasons why Professional Photography is important to Businesses Marketing.


  1. “You have one chance to make a good first impression”

Even though this is a very old saying, it is still true to this day, potential customers will land on your page, or post and will take a look at what you are trying to show them. If they encounter a well put together profile where you can actually see that the one who manages it takes time to create the content that they are putting out and everything is organized and easy to find, the visitor will have a good first impression out of it rather than it being just a random profile with a bunch of posts put together with no real message. Envision yourself walking into a store and having everything organized, you will have it so easy to find what you wanted and walk out of the store as a happy customer whether being a in a messy store where things are so unorganized that you even forget what you were going to purchase in the first place.

Having Professional Photography as an asset to your marketing effort, is a really good investment to make your first impression, a good one.

  1. “A photo is worth a thousand words”

These days, maybe more. With social distancing, less human contact and less attention being payed to the physical world, the Digital World is having a bigger impact by the minute. A well taken photo enables you to show your visitors what you offer rather than telling them. Nowadays customers will view your Business on Social Media or visit your Website and will purchase your products or services all by themselves, with no physical contact, technology has made this possible. With Professional Photography you just increase the chances of making your products, services and Business overall more presentable and inviting for your customers.

  1. Your media represents your Brand.

Most of the time, Business owners will not hire a Professional Photographer because of the time and costs associated with doing that, but on the other hand the media is a clear representation of your brand, low quality pics and unprofessional photography will not communicate the message that you want to your customers, something that is going to be unpleasant to look at is going to reflect on their decision to buy your products or services, no Business would want that.

High quality pics and marketing your products in a professional way, is going to associate your Business with quality and excellence.


  1. Establish your Brand Identity

Pictures are the visual way to communicate who you are to the public, Professional Photography will paint the right picture for your visitors, it shows how serious and professional you are. Your Website looks more professional, your staff is more presentable with professional photography and your Social Media looks better. Overall, it is a better representation of your brand.


  1. Be authentic and unique

When someone comes to visit your website or social media profile, they expect to see your pictures, an authentic representation of who you are and what you do as a Business. Stock images will transmit the wrong idea to your customers, it will not feel unique, it will feel inauthentic, something that everybody else can find and use as their content, but you do not really want your Business to be identified as “just another Business” right?

  1. Create your own content / Competitive edge

One thing that we have always liked about Professional Photography is that the sky is the limit for the content that you can create. Bringing in someone with the right eye for Photography and someone who is creative enough to create something that is unique that only you put out there is a very big advantage if you are looking to differentiate your content from other competitive brands. You are not the only one that is going to be inspired to create but now you have a full team of creative people with ideas that will help you put out quality content.   


To conclude, Professional Photography is a great addition to every Businesses Online Presence, you do not only get to look more presentable and professional but you also gain a competitive edge by putting out creative, quality content and differentiating your Business from the Competition, or as we like to say, you stand out in the crowd. That is what every consumer want they want to work with a unique brand that is going to make them feel special by buying their products or services.

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