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How to increase Social Media Engagement?!

Every Business nowadays is investing in their Online Presence and a huge part of that, is Social Media. Social Media is significant because it shows the value of your Business to the market, it shows its impact, it does not just serve the purpose of making your Business popular, but it can also open doors for new opportunities, like new connections, potential clients, brand recognition and brand awareness.

What should you focus more on the Social Media of your Business?

For your Social Media to thrive you do not only need followers, sure big numbers are cool but they do not have a big impact if they are not active, what matters most about the audience that you market your content to, is the Engagement that they have with your brand.

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social Media Engagement is the measurement of interactions that your audience has with your content, that is the sum of likes, shares, comments, reactions and even DMs. Active followers are what is most important to you Social Media Presence and most importantly, if you get their attention, who knows what it can do to potential clients?

Active followers are like sitting in a big table with a lot of people and everybody is interacting and talking and sharing their thoughts and opinions on a matter, everyone is interacting and are enjoying their time.

Inactive followers it’s the opposite of that, is like being in this big table but everybody is staying on their phone or taking pics of the food, nobody interacts and the environment around you is boring.

How to increase Social Media Engagement?

Every time we get asked this question, we have the same answer “give the people what they want to see”. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it is not that easy to be fair. What you should do is ask the right questions. So, let’s say for example that you are a Dental Clinic, how can you have your audience engage with you? How can they feel part of your Business? How can the audience enjoy your content? Let’s make an even harder question, why would you follow a dental clinic on social media?

The way that you can have your Social Media Presence improved is if you try and look at things from the follower’s perspective. Content is the best way of marketing your work, what you show them is your skills through a patient that you have worked on and you try to diversify your content in order to not be predictive and boring to your audience.

So, the dental clinic, what can they post? Before and after pics, where they show their progress, a mixture of smiles that they have created, some interesting fact about mouth diseases on conditions, which are informative and they help your audience better understand dental fact, creative art work, etc.

You build your content in a way that makes sure it transmits the message that your brand stands for, is interesting enough for your audience and on top of that, it is fun to follow.

That is what makes your Social Media Presence better, marketing your content in a fun, creative way that makes people want to look forward to what you want to post, it makes them feel involved, it connects you with them and they feel part of a community.

What strategy can be used to increase Engagement?

You can’t just act on pure intuition all the time and expect to have an impact on your audience, you need to have a strategy laid out, in order for you Business to maintain or increase the Engagement levels.

As we mentioned above, there is no secret solution which applies to every business, each and every one of them will have to figure out their own, but since our example was dental clinics, let’s stick to that.

Besides providing content like the one we mentioned what is another good way to interact directly with your audience?

Well, in Instagram for example, you have this option, where you can make an “Ask” session and you put out a wide topic, like for example “What dental problems do you have? The Doctor will answer your questions.” This is a very effective way of increasing the Engagement, because your audience will look at it, they would want to know more information, because they already like and trust your work, because they already follow you and you can take your time to answer the questions back and share the answers letting people know that you care about your audience and that they can reach you, it gives your Social Media the voice it needs, you portray your profile as more human and you connect with your audience on a more personal level.  Or you can ask what topics do you want them for you to talk more, or you can ask what type of content do they like, what do they find satisfying etc.

You can create polls to have your audience’s input on your content on a specific topic.

You can highlight some of your customers/patients too, you can highlight their feedback, you can document their journey from the first day they entered you clinic and during the process of taking care of their oral health, your audience can see the interaction you have with your patients as well and they can create an idea on how it is to work with you.

Get to know your audience

By taking on this journey of improving your Social Media Presence, you will better understand your audience, their needs, what they like and what they dislike. You understand what type of content works best, you understand what they want to hear, what they want to see during the day and what makes them engage with your content. You get to know who you are talking to, you know when it’s good to post, what type of content to post and you define your brands voice.

Think outside of the box

You have to see beyond your feed when you want to improve your Social Media Presence. Getting a lot of likes, shares and comments it’s good but what really is important is the direct conversations that you have with your clients, Social Media feeds are going to attract a potential client into getting interested for your products, but the way you communicate with them about it is what is going to turn them into a customer.

Social Media is very important for every Business, it’s about showing way more than your popularity online, is a clear representation of what your Business stands for, what position they occupy in the market and most importantly it represents the character that your Business represents online.

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