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A lot of people seem to believe that putting together a logo, a catchy slogan and a few ideas is called Brand Strategy. Brand Strategy is the whole experience that you customers and potential customers have when they interact with company, product or service.

Identifying some valuable points and making a to do list is simply not enough, you have to understand the problem before providing the right solution, the more detailed your strategic planning is, the easier it is for you to execute it.

We have to make sure that we understand what the process of creating a Brand Strategy is.

Brand strategy is the process where you define what your brand stands for, what your brand offers to its customers and the personality that your brand conveys through its marketing.

How can we create a successful Brand Strategy?

First things first, Create the right message. Everybody loves a good story, especially one that evokes emotion. Customers love to be part of something that they are involved emotionally, a story that they will not forget, easy to remember and most importantly that they can relate to.

Defying your brand and its purpose

Defying your brand is the process of knowing that your brand exists, the purpose it has and what it stands for.

Defying your brand is all about asking the right questions.

  • What do we provide?
  • Who are our customers?
  • Defying the competition
  • The story of the brand
  • What do our customers feel?
  • What’s our brand personality

Asking the questions mentioned above will define you Brand Position as well, you will know what space you occupy in the market, identify your competition and measure your progress, then you can start creating marketing elements to communicate your brand’s story. Like the logo, colors, fonts, slogans, motto etc.





Market research

Once you have defined your Brand Strategy, you can start to execute your marketing. But before marketing a Business we have to study the market you are targeting.

This research will help you better understand your audience and how you can grab their attention, it is crucial to executing your brand strategy correctly. While studying the market, you will have to create an ideal buyer. The ideal buyer is a persona, who will always buy your product or service. You do this, in order to understand what type of person you are targeting with your marketing. You have to connect to someone in order to impact them emotionally.

That is why you have to understand the demographics this person falls into, their age, gender, educational background, career choice, daily activities, shopping interests etc.

This way you understand the customer and most importantly the journey to become your clients. How they know about your brand, how they connect with it, how they are interested in your products, how they do not like your products, how they are loyal to your brand and return to do business with you.


Target your audience

A very important part of market research is knowing your audience. Knowing who is interested in your product or service and making sure that you reach them both physically and in the digital world.

You will understand what your audience likes, where they connect with you, do they shop online? Do they like in-store shopping?

You also need to know the location of your audience, that will provide you with better information on your marketing campaigns. You will change your products depending on your audience. You do not need to find an audience for your products, you need to find the right products for your audience.




Be creative

With your Brand Strategy & Positioning established and your audience studied on a deep level, you need to find ways to market your content and deliver your Brand Message. This is where, being creative, sets you apart from other competitors, logo design, website, social media, content, blogs, marketing campaigns, professional photography and so on.

Being creative, will make sure that the audience remembers your brand and it is easily recognizable. You do not have to invest a lot in marketing your business values, because they already know your brand and they recognize it.

As time passes by you might need to make changes to your brand re-design your brand elements, but being creative all the time, is not a problem.

Stand out in the crowd

What is really important for brand while studying the market is to study the competition as well.

Knowing what differentiates you from your competition is very important and it is exactly what you need to be focused on during your marketing campaigns.

We do not want to market the same things and transmit the same message as everybody else, we want to be unique and by being unique there is a reason why the customer will choose your business over your competitors.

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