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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays every Business is going Digital, they are jumping on the online bandwagon, they are exploring new opportunities, their online presence gets stronger and stronger by the minute. But being online is just the beginning of their journey, they have to differentiate themselves from other similar Businesses in their domain and the perfect way to do that is by Marketing.

Social Media Platforms have presented the opportunity for Businesses to Market themselves, promote their Products, Services etc. The way this is done, is by running Marketing Campaigns.

What are Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

Social Media Marketing Campaigns are processes that Promote Businesses and their Content at least through one Social Media Platform.

Campaigns are strategically focused, have measurable outcomes and are ultimately aimed at influencing social media users to feel or act in a certain way.


How can you run a good Social Media Marketing Campaign?


  • Produce Quality Content – The first thing you need to do in order to run a good Social Media Marketing Campaign is producing Quality Content that you think the audience you are going to show it to is going to be interested in, to create quality Content you will have to know how to put together a Post that transmits the message you want to your Audience. That could inquire some solid Design and Copy Writing skills.
  • Message – Every Marketing Campaign contains a Message, whether you are promoting a Product, Service, New work environment, Blog post etc. You want to make that the Message easily understood and transmitted.
  • Knowing your Audience – Your followers are very important and they will have to be the first one’s to like the content before it is actually promoted, because you would want more people who want to follow your content in the long term (more followers).

  • Targeting the right Audience – By knowing what your audience wants you can create an idea on what type of audience you should target. Audience targeting can be a complex process, you will have to categorize people by age, gender, location, interests, depending on your budget, time and purpose.


  • Budgeting – Marketing Campaigns can be expensive, there have been Marketing Campaigns that have cost a lot and their result has not been great, there have been some Marketing Campaigns haven’t cost as much and have had great results and their outcome. You should decide on a Budget for your Marketing Campaign, Social Media promotions are measurable and they give you an estimation on the reach of this Promotion (The amount of people this Promotion is going to be shown to).



How do you measure the performance of the Social Media Marketing Campaign?


You have created a Social Media Marketing Campaign and you have invested some good money in it and you want to know about the results before the Campaign is finished. Social Media Platforms offer detailed insights on your Business Profile, they show you how many people have been reached, impressions, skips, follows, how many people have clicked on the Ad to visit your profile, website, get directions or have shown interest in your Business Contacts. As the Ad Campaign runs you have a lot of information and you can even see how much money are spent from your Budget and how much is left.



Social Media Marketing Campaigns have one goal, to put your Business in a better position that it was before it started. Whether you are promoting a new product, a service or your work portfolio, what you need to do, is make sure that the recipients of the Ads get the message and they visit your Business Profile, Website, Blog, or wherever you would want them to end up after they click the Ad.

Marketing Campaigns generate Traffic, Visibility, they help with Brand Awareness, they generate Income. A well thought and designed Marketing Campaign can take your Business to the next level.

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