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Email Marketing. What it is? Why should everybody use it.

There are different ways to promote you Business nowadays, the use of the email to do so, it’s called Email Marketing. You can use emails to promote your Business by making people aware of the existence of your Business, promoting a new product, letting them know about discounts and other services. It is a way to continuously engage with your audience to keep them updated on the latest news regarding you brand, it can also teach them more about your brand, what it stands for, the history, the content.

The very first email was sent in 1971, by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlison. The message he sent was just a string of numbers and letters, but it was the beginning of a new era of communication. Tomlison was also the person who introduced the “@” symbol in email addresses.

In 1978, a marketing manager named Gary Thuerk used this new method of direct communication to send out the first commercial email to let people know about a new product. His email list only had 400 addresses, but it resulted in about $13 million in sales.

Email is a strong marketing tool because it requires the recipient to take action, the email is just going to sit in your inbox until you either open it, delete it, archive it. So, either way, the recipient is going to engage with it, but on top of that Email Marketing is also very cost efficient.

Emails help you built a relationship with your audience, they also help you drive traffic to your Blog, Social Media, or wherever you would like your audience to visit. You can build your email marketing campaigns in a way that are shown to people who you believe to be most interested in them.

We are going to list some of the benefits Email Marketing can provide your Business with


1. Create and Deliver Personalized Content

Delivering personalized emails only to subscribers who meet certain criteria, allows you to target a specific type of audience and get results in return. Emails can be personalized content wise and they can be easily arranged to be sent only to those who you think should be interested in seeing it. For example, if you want to send an email for a local audience it can be showed only to those who live in that certain area. If there is a sale it can be shown only to those who have showed interest in that particular Business domain.

If you are able to gain information from your subscribers, Email segmentation is going to work perfectly for you. The old method of sending the same email to everybody, not personalized no longer works and the results compared to email segmentation speak for themselves.
You have to make sure you are sending the right message to the right audience.


2. Data collecting

Customer experience is very important when it comes to Email Marketing, if you are looking for your recipients to continuously engage with your brand you should pay attention to the insights provided to you from your email marketing campaigns.

You can send customer satisfaction surveys to get feedback on your subscribers. This can help you come up with a better strategy towards your subscribers.


3. Improves communication with your Customers

Communicating to your Customers is really important, the audience feels like they can talk to you, they can engage with you and this will reflect on their loyalty to your brand.

As Consumers we like to feel special and when a brand tries to communicate with their audience it produces positive emotion and that will benefit your Business. Think about this, assuming you have a brand that you really love and you are a loyal customer to, you receive an email from them what type of emotion to you experience? Are you annoyed like you are from other brands who send you those messages every week? Or are you curious to see what content that email contains and get updated on the latest news?

Keeping your audience posted with emails will help you built a stronger relationship with them and whether is the holidays or just another normal day of work, they are engaged with your brand.


4. Generate traffic

Your Business offers great products or services, how do you let people know about it? Most likely, you send them an email.

By reaching people through emails, you generate traffic and you can drive that traffic to your Website and improve your SEO, or you Social Media and engage with them on a more personal level.

Sending emails is a very effective way to generate traffic.


5. Reach a global audience

What platform can you use to promote your Business on a global level? What other platform gives you Business the opportunity to spread the message to thousands of people word wide? Email marketing.

Many of you can argue that Social Media serves a similar purpose and sure, Social Media will give you that opportunity, but you can not tell who is actually reading you content.


6. Instant impact

A Business can start seeing results within minutes of its emails being sent. Depending on the type of content the email contains it will give recipients a sense of urgency to take immediate action, meanwhile more traditional marketing methods like prints or billboards take longer.

7. Increase on sales

Targeting a specific audience, sharing a promotional message will affect the purchase decision of the recipients. Not only are you using a great marketing tool but you can have an increase on sales as well.

Businesses who have adopted Email Marketing have had a huge increase in revenue. You email marketing campaigns can help you incorporate messages to influence a purchase decision.


8. Easy to understand, manage.

Email marketing provides a lot of insights, which makes it easy for you to understand what you are doing wrong and what you can improve. You have the opportunity to see which emails are being read, how many times and which ones are not being read, making it simple to understand how you campaign is going and what you can do to improve it.


9. Easy to share

If you audience finds the content in the email interesting, it can be shared with the click of a button in a matter of seconds. This allows you message to spread to your audience contacts and friends, which means more exposure and translates to more views and traffic.

Brands are utilizing this to the fullest and it is becoming one of the most effective ways to create Brand Awareness.


10. Low cost

Creating cost effective marketing campaigns is the goal for every Business. Email marketing has lower costs compared to other traditional marketing channels, you do not have to pay for printing or postage costs or fees for billboards, magazine or television. All you need is a Copywriter and a Graphic Artist to create content for your audience, but it can also be done by hiring just one person. You invest in a software to automatically send, track and evaluate thousands of emails, it may be associated with a certain fee, but it is lower than what it costs promoting through other marketing channels.


 11. Provide more value to your Customers

There are a lot of marketing methods, what differentiates them from one another is value. That is why Businesses are always looking for ways to provide more value to their customers, it’s what makes them come back and what differentiates your Brand from others.

You can provide value even when customers are not making a purchase. Email marketing is a very effective way to increase the number of your loyal customers.

Continuously providing value for your audience, more people will pay attention and you will get a higher ROI (Return on investment).