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The importance of Content Marketing

We hear people mention Content Marketing more and more nowadays, but we really do not know what it means, some of us assume it’s something new, but to tell the truth content marketing has been around even before the internet. Content Marketing is about storytelling, we all love a good story that is the reason why we were fascinated by them when we were kids and we used to battle with sleep just to hear the full story, it generates interest it produces positive emotion and it’s effective.

“Content Marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience”

Content is the most effective way of communicating valuable and relevant information to your followers to satisfy their consuming needs, instead of just waving boring Products and Services brochures and traditional posters in their face, you create and distribute quality content. You show pieces of your work that are pleasant to look at and at the same time informative enough, that other Clients might be interested in them. What Content Marketing will give you, is an opportunity to build long term relationships with your audience, giving them quality content, allowing them to spend their time in your page and continuously being there for them and becoming part of their day.

Content is the most important piece of your Marketing and Marketing is impossible without great content. Quality content is part of every form of marketing:

  • Website – There are millions of websites online, why should your website be the one that people click on? What makes your website different from all the other ones that you can find online? Content. That is the reason why people click on it, that is the reason why people revisit your Website and that is the reason why your Website will generate more traffic than other Websites.
  • Social Media Marketing – There are a lot of businesses who are present on Social Media, some of them have a lot of followers and their followers engage with them and some of them do not have those numbers and their audience does not like the content that they put out. Social Media give your Business the voice it needs, it makes it more human and allows Businesses to get to know their Customers and build relationships with them.
  • SEO – Google will reward your Business by ranking it higher on the hierarchy if you post quality, consistent and valuable content.
  • Podcasts – Podcasts are another form of Content Marketing, Audio and Video content to keep your visitors updated.
  • Videos – Do you watch YouTube? Do you have a favorite YouTuber? Do you watch someone consistently? Have you ever watched a video and your day just got a little bit better? Then you definitely know what we are talking about.
  • Books – Books are one of the oldest ways of Content Marketing, this shows how old Content Marketing really is. Before the internet the only way for people to learn new things, past time, get interested or fascinated by were books.
  • PR – Addressing issues that readers care about through content is one of the most successful PR strategies.
  • PPC – Have you ever searched or surfed the net and out of nowhere an ad pops up and gets your attention because it is a quality poster with nice graphics, or something you are interested by is written? That is quality content.

Why Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways of Marketing?

To understand Content Marketing, you first have to understand how the Customer’s mind works. Customers like to buy the best product for the best price, they like to have product that not a lot of people have, they like to be different, they like to have a lot of options, they like to do their research.

Content Marketing will help you do exactly that, Content Marketing is great at raising awareness and providing valid information to the Customer about the Products, Service or the Business. Content Marketing will grow your Business, potential clients will find your content, will find the value in it and when they will contact you, they will be interested to work with you. You let your work do the work, is the right way to put this, before the Clients contact you, they know what you have to offer they know what you are capable of doing, they have seen your work portfolio and they know what they can get out of this collaboration, your job after all this that Content Marketing provides you is to work out the details, sign and agreement and get started. Content marketing pre-builds trust, credibility before you actually talk to the potential customer, in other words it makes your job easier because you no longer need any high-pressure sales tactics, you content will do the job for you.

The content that you create can be distributed to other digital marketing channels. The best way to market your Business is to do multi-channel marketing. Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, SEO, PPC etc. You can create content and use it on multiple channels, to market it the best that you can.

How can we create quality content?

Your content is as good as you would like to read it.

You can be the best critic of your work, if the content you are putting out is good then you should be the first one to read it, look at it, like it.