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What is SEO? Why is it important? It's benefits.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the traffic on your website and brand exposure by organic (non-paid) search engine results. This is the process of first understanding which part of the market your Business occupies, knowing the people that are interested in that particular domain, understanding how they search, the words they use, the answers they seek, understanding how the search engines pick up words, creating the Website by using these “keywords” in your advantage, updating your Website consistently to put your Business in a better position, this way you can direct more traffic to your Website, you get more Credible, you solidify your place as trustworthy and authoritative among other Businesses in your Field.

Why is SEO important?

Payed advertising can pay dividends throughout time but it needs continuous funding and the result that you get most of the time are not that good, there is a small percentage of people who are in front of and Ad that actually click on it, speaking of our own experience if we reach 80.000+ people with a sponsored Ad, less than 3% are going to actually click on it. SEO covers more digital ground than PPC (pay per click), it is one of the tools that, if done correctly can pay dividends throughout a long period of time. If you create quality content which deserves to rank higher up in the search engines because of the “keywords” used in it, then traffic is going to be increased through time, visibility numbers are going to be higher and the chances to convert Visitors into Clients increase.


What are some of SEO components?

  • Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that people who search the Web use to find what they are looking for. In order to have a good SEO by using the Keywords strategy you will have to do a good research, choose carefully what you are going to use in you content so you can generate results.

Let’s take an example, say you want to find a Digital Marketing Agency to create a Website for your Business.

Search results show that people can search all kinds of phrases, they can start with words like “Website”, “Create Website”, or “Website creation Tirana” there goes the other Keyword with the name of the city, now that Search Engine is affected by the local search.

  • Content

SEO is not a race it’s a marathon, there are a lot of Businesses that operate in your domain, that are advertising what you advertise and maybe they offer similar Products or Services, you have to make sure that the Content that you put out is relevant, this way it generates traffic and a good user experience, in other words, you give Google a reason to rank your Business Higher than your Competition.

There are different types of Content that you can put out and ways to do so, a good way is a Blog.

Example, if you are the owner of a Restaurant you can put out Content that relates to food, cooking, recipes, benefits, diets, this way people who are interested in finding a good place to eat will notice that you know about your craft and that will make you more credible.

  • Off page SEO

This is the type of SEO technique that takes place not on your Webpage. We will give you a good example in order for this to be easy to understand. We are a Digital Marketing Agency and we offer services in Web Design, after we create the Website we create backlinks to our Webpage example: “Design: Nouvique Tech”, people who navigate the Website, can go down to the page’s footer and click at our link, redirect to our page and navigate there as well. This way you direct traffic to your page and your visibility numbers increase.

Now not everyone has a Digital Marketing Agency and not everyone can put links on other Business pages, how can you do this otherwise? Well, there are plenty of options, guess blogging is one of them, mentioning people with influence can be one of them as well, another way is creating quality content that people will share or relate to.

  • Local SEO

Search Engine results who are affected by the location of the Business are known as Local SEO strategy.

A very good example of local searches is, let’s assume you are in a foreign country and you are looking to have a drink, you go on Google and you search for “Best pubs in my area”, based on their location  and reviews they have, that is how search results are going to be defined.

Keywords can be used on your content of your Webpage, in URLs, Title, Indexes etc.

What are some of the Benefits SEO can provide your Business with?


1. Understanding SEO help you understand the Market your Business operates in better

Being able to create a successful SEO strategy, means that you have to understand the way the Market works, competition, environment and you have to come up with a strategy that is going to be superior over other SEO strategies, because there is a lot of competition.

2. Organic Search

Organic Search is the process that consists of visitors searching through a keyword, phrase or location, organic meaning not payed or advertised. This process generates traffic that is very important to your Business which also has the highest rate of conversion. Google being the most visited page online and the best search engine, your Webpage being there on the first page, will increase your visibility and credibility to Consumers.

 3. Better user experience

Good SEO translates to a better UX (User Experience). In order to have a highly ranked Website, your visitors should be able to have a good user experience, this way their visit is pleasant and they will return and spend more time on your page. This can be achieved by building quality backlinks, good content, positive user behavior, fast loading time, responsiveness, optimized elements and content.

 4. Impacts Sales

Customers like to do their research, they like having options and they always want the best product for the best price. Having a good SEO tactic will rank you higher than you competitors and the Customers will most likely land on your page rather than your competition and that translates to a bigger chance of conversion and that will definitely impact your sales.

5. If you are not on page one, you are not doing it right

We all have searched on Google, it doesn’t matter what we are looking for we rarely go to the second page, we trust Google’s ranking and 99% of the time we are able to find what we are looking for in the first 2 or 3 options shown by Google. So that means that if you are not on page one, you need to do something about it otherwise you will be missing out.

6. New opportunities

SEO will provide your Business with new opportunities to be discovered and to achieve big results. The higher your Business ranks the more visitors will land on your page and depending on your work, you will be presented with new opportunities that can take your Business to the next level.

7. Local SEO

The number of mobile phone users are growing by the minute, local search has become fundamental when it comes to Businesses success. Local SEO is a way of bettering the search results so you can find what you are looking for easier and faster. Businesses construct their content in a way that is relevant to the location and business sector a brand belongs to.

The best ways to optimize local SEO are “Google My Business” and Social Media. Reviews play a big role here as well, Google reviews and also other pages influential pages like Yelp, Trip Advisor etc.

8. Easy to measure

SEO just like every other marketing process can be measured, you can connect your Website to Google Analytics and you can see where you site performs good and where it needs to be improved. By studying the webpage insights you can easily adjust and make the necessary changes.

9. Growth

The most important benefit SEO will provide you Business with is achieving Business Goals. It helps you built relationships with visitors, improve customer experience, increase trust and credibility, increase authority, generate traffic, it gives you and advantage over your competitors.

Results are what every Business is after and SEO provides Growth!