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Why should you invest in an e-commerce in 2020?!

How many times during the day while you are surfing the net an ad pops up offering you a chance to buy this extraordinary product that it will change your life? Let’s ask a better question, have you ever surfed the net without an ad like the one we mentioned, popping up? Yeah, me neither.

Online selling is a very important part of our life now, we are used to it. If we are looking for something specific, that it’s hard to find, the first thing that we do is search the internet and if we can’t find it, we start to panic, well imagine that happening with every product… You can’t can you?
Well, that is because e-commerce has been part of us now since eBay was invented. Who would have thought that eBay was going to have so much success? A majority of people did not we can tell you that, everyone thought that people were going to sell junk and other people were going to send checks that bounced and that would pretty much be the story for eBay, that is one of the reasons that transaction brokers emerged. It did not go so well for these brokers because they ran out of business and the reason why, was because people were able to complete these transactions without their help and by being responsible, so they traded good products instead of junk and the checks did not bounce. Nobody thought that, that was really going to work but it did, didn’t it? There have been lots of ideas that people have laughed at before they reached their success, but sometimes, you have to be a fool in order to become a master.

Something that happened this year, that ruined everybody’s plans (to say the least), was the emergence of this pandemic virus called “Covid-19” or “Corona Virus” and everybody was forced to stay home, for their own safety, so they had to work from home, grocery shop from home, buy online products from home, but could they do all of these things without e-commerce being around? I don’t think so.

As the days go by and social distancing is still a thing, is it a good idea to invest in an e-commerce Website? We will provide you with some reasons why investing in an e-commerce should be the next step your business takes.

1.Offers a complete Online Presence for your Business

If your Business operates Online, your website being an e-commerce just completes the Online Picture for your customers it becomes a one stop shop. People can land on your Website, get to know all about your Business and also browse the unlimited range of products that e-commerce platform allows you to have.

2.Unlimited range of product described in detail

E-commerce website allows you to have an unlimited amount of products stored in it and the best part of it is, that every product’s space is unique and it has it’s own description, options of buy etc.


 3.Attract new customers

Having an e-commerce website is very different from having a physical store, if the traditional brick and mortar shops are going to expose your Business to a limited amount of local people, e-commerce website is accessible to everyone all around the world 24/7. Your Business in accessible everywhere at any time and the best part of it is you can use internet tools to increase the visibility of your Website, such as Search Engines, Social Media, Email Marketing, Google Ads etc.

4.Customer relationship management

If you are looking for a good way to track your Customers needs, e-commerce is your best friends. It provides Businesses with insights that helps you better understand the needs of your Customers. You can get to know them, you can keep track of your sales, revenues, which product sells more and which sells less this way you can draw conclusions on the changes that you need to make and on top you get to know your customers.

Some of the insights provided by the Website:

  • Demographic Data Time spent on site
  • Referring source
  • Products Purchased
  • Products Viewed
  • Products shared

5. Time saving

E-commerce websites have changed the way people consume, because of their accessibility people can get what they want with less time being consumed and they can use that time and turn into something more productive.

The amount time it will take you to physically visit a store and then search for the product or even figure out what type of product you are looking for, because sometimes we don’t really know and then buying it and going back home, can be replaced with a few minutes of Website scrolling and the actual order does not take more than 2 minutes to complete. (I am not the only one who does not like to wait in line)

6.Opportunities for collaborations

Being online can open up new opportunities of doing collaborations with other similar businesses, or businesses interested in your products or services. This was your brand gets more recognition and new opportunities can be a really big benefit for businesses.


 7.Lower your Operational Costs

You are looking for a way to minimize your Operational Costs, you will provide you with a list of costs that an e-commerce Website helps you lower.

Sales on Advertising – Another thing that people fear, is the money the money that they have to spend on advertising their new Website, well think about it for a second, every penny that you spend on advertising will only come back as a benefit for your Business, not only people are going to visit your Website, but if you offer something that it is their interest, they will become your Clients and if they become your Clients, then that means that you will profit continuously from them and build relationships, so your money doesn’t only go on Advertising your Website, but you Business too.

Business Grow – E-commerce is the next step every Business offering Product or Services should take, it comes with an enormous amount of potential and it can really grow your Business and take it to the next level. Given that geographical boundaries do not exist anymore, your Business doesn’t have to operate locally anymore, they can go global and offer shipping on other countries as well. Your earnings can really have an increase by your Businesses opening its wings.

Increase Earnings – With more attention comes more traffic and with more traffic comes sales, that translates to increased earning, which is everything that a Business Owner wants to hear. By operating online and your Business being exposed to a huge range of people from different parts of the World, your Products or Services can really be part of a bigger market, they can occupy a bigger space and their necessity grows, so does your Business and your Earnings.

Operational Costs – If you have ever taken an Economy Class the “Golden Rule” is operate to your fullest potential, with the lowest cost. Businesses are always looking for ways to minimize their operational Costs, building an e-commerce platform will help you to:

Low Maintenance Costs – One of the things that people fear is change and they believe that investing in an e-commerce website will bring them a world of trouble and they will not know how to use it and operate it and that will translate in operational costs and they do not want to hear that. Well, you would actually be surprised that the costs of running an e-commerce Website are pretty low and if you compare them to your earnings, e-commerce platforms are one of the best tools your Business should use.

Save on Staff – Operating with an e-commerce website, does not need the same staff as the physical store requires, this way you save money on employing staff.

Save on Rent – Something that is really good about having an e-commerce Website, is that you do not have to spend money on rent like you do with a physical store, you can just operate to your fullest extent rent-free, that sounds good doesn’t it?