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The importance of a Custom Logo!

You may be running a Business with a limited marketing budget and you may be wandering where to invest your money first. You may be wandering if a Custom Logo should be at the top of your priority list or not? Well, the answer is definitely YES!

A Custom Logo is the first essential step every Business should take it creates your Brands Identity, it makes a good first impression, it is what visitors remember and on top of that it’s what sets you apart from other Businesses, what makes you stand out.

Your Business Logo is the first thing that you visitors will see, so having a free logo from the internet or letting you friend who knows a trip or two when it comes to Design Skills create it is not going to leave the best impression on your Customers.


We are going to provide you some reasons why investing in a Custom Logo, should be at the top of your priority list:

1.It is the first step of your Brand Identity

The first thing that everybody does when opening a Business is trying to find a suitable name for it, Custom Logo should have the same importance as that, because it is what people see, it is what people remember and it gives your Visitors the very first impression of what your Business stands for.

Have you ever visited a new place or tried a new product just because the name sounded cool or the Logo seemed interesting? Well, I have and most of the time they are exactly what you expect them to be.
So the question should be “What do you want your Customers to think of your Business?”.


The level of Design on your Logo defines the level of professionalism your Business is associated with. A well Design Logo is something that your Clients expect from you and it is essential for it to represent exactly what the Business stands for because that is memorable and it will affect the choices of your Visitors.

A feeling of trust and integrity is conveyed through a logo which is professionally designed. A Visitor tends to associate with a company which comes off as a professional rather than an unprofessional one.


 3.It helps you build Brand Loyalty

The more you spend time in the market, the more people become your customers, the more people buy your Products or Services, the more they get familiar with your Logo. If it is something that everybody knows for sure, Customers love consistency!

Think about it for a second have you ever thought of buying some chips and you were wandering what to get until your eyes match a Lays Logo, well that is pretty much game over you are buying that Product in a heartbeat because you are familiar with it and there is no reason for you to spend more time looking for other chips when you know exactly what Lays chips will give to you, so you are going to buy it and seek for it every time you are in the mood for chips!

4.It’s a manifestation of your Business Message

The first thing you want to do when creating a Custom Logo is to consider the message that you brand would want to put out to the Customers. Logos have a very powerful impact on the Customer purchase decisions and having a Logo that works in your favor is not a bad idea. You Brand has a message, the Logo you invest in should send exactly that message!

5.It’s what helps you stand out

Just like a Business can’t share the same name with yours, a Custom Logo gives you the opportunity to have a Unique Visual representation of your Business. It’s what differentiates you from your competition and what is going to affect Clients the most when choosing which Product to buy or Service to get.

6.Your visitors expect it

The first thing that a Visitor is going to look for when visiting you Business or Website, or Social Media is your Name and Logo, they immediately expect to see it and they tend to look at Businesses in a negative light if they do not have it.