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Why is having a Website important?!

In this Digital Era that we live in, there are still Businesses that do not have a Website, but that is not because they did not want to invest, but we believe it is because they still do not know the importance of it and the impact that it is going to have on their Business.

If a Business will invest capital in something new and innovative it should be for a cause, they should be able to associate the investment with some value and that is what we are going to try and do today, emphasize on the importance of having a Website.

Before we list some of the reasons why having a website is Important let’s try and define what a Website means in Business terms.
A Website is the online representation of what your Business Identity is. It presents visitors to the big picture and contains every bit of information that you want them to know about your Business. You can think of it as if someone asks you to write an essay to describe your Business Journey.

We are going to list some of the Benefits of having a Website:


Nowadays Clients and Potential Clients EXPECT for your Business to have a Website, the first thing that they will do when they are in need of a Service or Product is go online and search for it, even if they are specifically looking for your Business, they will search for it online and if your Business does not appear on their Search Engine, they tend to look at your Business in a negative light.

Having a well put together Website, allows your Business to make the right first impression to new Potential Clients, it also makes your Business more credible and gives them Security that you are here for the long run and you Brand Authority is well established.

2.Recognition and Opportunities

Marketing is difficult, building a Business, providing Services and Products is one part of the job, marketing it and explaining why people should work with you is the hardest part. When you first start the Business the hardest customer to get is the first one and the second hardest is the second one and so on.

Having an online representation of your Business (Website) is going to help with Marketing, you are going to get more exposure and recognition from Visitor and you can also have more opportunities from abroad. People from different countries can stumble upon your Website and know all about your Business and maybe they are interested in your Services or Products.

Real life example: About 10 weeks ago a Customer from Chicago contacted us and was interested in our Services, at that time none of our marketing methods reached out Chicago, the only way they reached us was from our Website. 


Having a Website means that your Business is 24/7, 365 days Online, it never takes one second off that provides accessibility around the clock, which means that visitors from other parts of the world can have access to your Website and the time difference does not stop them. Time and distance are no longer a problem because you are always accessible.

On top of that your Business is easier to find, if a Potential Client is looking for your Business, they are just one search away from finding your, you provide Ease of Access once you have a well established online presence and the potential that that is going to provide for your Business? It’s limitless.

 4.Easy to Navigate

Have you ever walked in a store that has a lot of products but it is not particularly orderly and what you are searching for is not easy to find so you ask for assistance? Well, you can think of the Website as a well put together store, where is really easy to navigate and for your customers to get what they want.

One of the benefits of having a Website is that you can make it really easy for your Visitors to navigate through it.
Let’s assume you are an owner of a book store and you want to have a Website so you can sell books online. Just like your organize books in your book store by their Genre the same way you are going to organize the Pages of your Website so when Visitors are on your page it is really easy for them to find what they are looking for because if it’s not then they will look for a more organized page.

5,Increase Sales

Visitors are looking for a Product or Service, where is the first place that they are going to look? Online.
More than 90% of Purchase Decision start with a search engine search, Clients get Online they look for a Product or Service that your Business may provide, if your Business pops up in their Search, they might click on it and then they can look at the Product or Service in detail and get to know more about it. It does not matter whether they buy directly from the Website or they visit your Business in person, what matters are results. If a Client or Potential Client spends a few minutes of their day on your Webpage looking at what you have to offer that is still a Win, because they now know what you can provide and when your Services or Products are needed, your Business comes to mind because now, you occupy a space in their Consummatory Needs.

Operate at your full potential for sales, go Online! 

6.Get to know your Visitors

Websites provide in-depth insights of your Visitors, which means that you can get to know your Visitors better, what they like, what they do not like, how much time they spend on a specific page what Products they buy more, what Services they require more.
That will give you a good idea on what to change and what to keep in terms of making your Website better, you can also have a good idea on what products you should promote more and what product less.

All in all, the insights that you get from your Website are very helpful when it comes to getting to know your Visitors and they provide good information on how to better your Website.

 7.Lasts forever

One of the good things about having a Website is the fact that it has no expiry date, you pay for the Design and Development costs and after that you will only have to pay the yearly subscriptions of the Domain and Host costs. But your Website is going to last forever, it is always online and there is always the opportunity for you to update and maintain it as time goes by and your Business goes through changes in Services and Products or other general information.

Websites are more like a necessity nowadays rather than a luxury that only some Businesses get to have. More than 70% of Small Businesses do not have a Website, most of the owners think that having a Website is something that a Big Company needs not their Business, well they both need it but Small Businesses need it even more if they inspire to get their enterprise to grow.

Every Business needs a Website, does yours have one?!