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What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?!

Have you ever scrolled through Social Media and a promotion popped up regarding something you are looking for? Well, that’s Social Media Marketing in a nutshell.

Businesses have been using Social Media to market their Brand, because that is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways you can market you Brand. A lot of people ask why? Well, we do not believe that is the right question to ask, the right question to ask should be more like: “Why isn’t every Business doing it?!”

We are going to walk you through some of the Benefits that Social Media Marketing can provide for your Business.

1.Increase Brand Awareness

If you have successfully built a Brand Identity, now it’s the time to let the World know about your Business. Social Media is the place your Clients and Potential Clients spend most of their day and your Business being online will solidify the place that your Business holds in a particular Service or Product dominance hierarchy (Brand Awareness). Clients want to buy brand they recognize, so give them a chance to get to know your Business on a more personal note.

2.Connect with your Audience

Social Media gives your Business a Voice, it make it more “human”, you Clients can engage with your posts, they can share their ideas and thoughts in the comment sections and they will provide Feedback which is very important and the best part of it is, you can Connect with them, you can reply and build a more personal relationship with your audience, that will increase the chance of Clients coming back and buying again from your Brand (Brand Loyalty).

3.Paying attention to Insights

A successful Business pays attention to Insights, that is information provided by Social Media on how your Business if performing in terms of click, likability, reach, impressions. Paying attention to Insights will give you an advantage on how you Clients react to the content that you post, whether they like it, dislike it, are impressed by it etc. That will help you to get to know them better and you can address their needs more effectively. That is going to help you with Customer Satisfaction, that is the level of satiation they receive when a Brand decides to listen to them and they feel important, like they should be and that their opinion matters.
Gathering this information, will increase your chances of improvement.

4.Increase your reach, find Potential Clients

Social Media Marketing it is the best tool for you to use in order to reach Potential Clients, whether they are looking for your Services or Products or not a well put together Ads highlighting what they want to hear is always going to make them click on it and get redirected to your profile. If you have established a strong Online Presence and they find the content you are putting out on Social Media, interesting, that can also make them interested and redirect the traffic to you Website.

5.Target and Re-target your Audience

Social Media platforms offer highly targeted ads, this gives you the opportunity to customize your ads and make them tailor made for the Audience you want to Target. Starting form age, location, interests and the way the Ad should be distributed you can create a good idea how you want to Market your content and which Audience you want to receive it.

6.Promote your Website or Blog

You can use Social Media Promotions to get the Clients attention and then direct them to your Website or Blog. This is a very effective method if you are trying to promote a Product or Service on your Website or Blog Posts. Clients are reached on Social Media and when they “swipe up” to read more about the Ad,  they are exposed to a lot of new information, what you would like them to see, this will increase traffic on your page and increase the possibility of converting Potential Clients to Clients.

7.Helps your PR Strategy

Social Media is the best place when it comes to PR Strategy, whether you connect with Clients, Potential Clients, Businesses, Investors your Social Network gets bigger and opportunities line up for you.
The more professionals you get to know the more chance your Business has of collaborating with other brands, getting recognized by more people and establishing your brand authority.

8.Keeping your Clients up to date and stimulating Brand Loyalty

Existing Clients produce 80% of the Revenue, so keeping an ongoing relationship with them doesn’t seem like a bad idea. This requires you to take a bigger step in building a relationship with you Clients that will result in them buying products or services from your brand instead of other similar brands (Customer Loyalty).
If you are willing to keep them up to date with news and latest additions, they will understand that they play a major part on it and that is something that produces positive emotion and Customer Satisfaction.

9.It helps your SEO ranking

Marketing on Social Media helps you SEO ranking. Unique hashtags, Links that redirect, Keywords, Redirected traffic, Sharing will help your SEO process and rank your Business higher on Google’s Search Engine. That is very important, because when a new Potential Client searches on Google for your Business specifically or a Service or Product similar to what your Business offers, your Website will be in that list and that increases the possibility of a Potential Client landing on it.   

10.Tell your story

Using Social Media is a great way share your Mission, Vision and Values and give your Clients the full picture of what your Business stands for. Telling an interesting story can have a big impact on your publicity and your Public Image and that is very important to your Clients and for your Business Reputation. A good story can inspire and it is very likely that your Clients can share it and that will help your Business get more recognition but on top of that you will prove what is it that you Business it stands for.